11 Must-Have Holiday Gifts for New Mamas

Tis the season!! This quick shopping list will help you find some great unique gift ideas for the new mama you know, or even for yourself!! Find the must-have holiday gifts for new moms!

  1. Back, Neck, & Shoulder Massager: This little beauty was a lifesaver during the postpartum period, especially after long pumping/breastfeeding sessions. Give a new mama the gift of relaxation!
  2. Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp by Cassie Pigg: The truth about surviving motherhood and finding yourself. This book is a great read for any new mom!
  3. Instant Pot: Simply meal time with an instant pot! For the perfect gift, pair it with a simple instant pot recipe guide!
  4. Classic Mom Tee’s: Make any mom feel special with a cute “mom” tee!
  5. Apple Cinnamon Energy: Give the gift of natural energy that tastes like heaven!! Love this new flavor, but if apple cinnamon isn’t the best thing, here’s the original flavor!
  6. Hakkaa Breast Pump: The Hakkaa hand pump is essential for any breastfeeding/pumping mom. This little baby is so versatile and easy to transport, it will make any new mama’s life a little bit easier. Plus…it works wonders for getting out the dreaded clogs. Ugh!
  7. Meal Subscription Service: HelloFresh has some awesome deals going on right now, including $90 off and free shipping!!
  8. Foot Massager: My dogs were always barking after that initial postpartum period. My legs and feet were always swollen. A good massage can help increase blood flow and ease the ache just a little bit!
  9. Comfy Nightgowns: Omg…I LIVED for comfy maternity nightgowns after delivery. I’m not sure that I ever wore anything else in those first few months. Heck…I still wear them, and my daughter is almost 2!
  10. Custom Gifts: Check out Minted for some of the coolest personalized products that every mom is guaranteed to love. They also have a deal for 20% off + FREE shipping for first-time customers!!
  11. Pomifera Rose: Everyone wants beautiful skin, but new moms especially have specific skin needs during the postpartum period. This serum will help keep your skin as beautiful as your babies!

With any new mama, the best gifts are something that comes from the heart. We aren’t that complicated. We really just want to be seen and loved. Hopefully this list of must-have holiday gifts will help the new mom in your life feel extra special this year!

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