5 Tips to Cope with Mom Stress

How can we cope with mom stress? It’s not easy. Mom’s are definitely some of the most stressed-out people on the planet. We can’t help it. It’s in our nature. We have more than we can handle on our plates, and we usually keep piling on more. It may never completely go away, but these 5 tips might help you cope with mom stress.

Learn Your Triggers

Identify the things that stress you out, and try like heck to avoid them. Is it a specific time of time? Do certain activities make you nervous? Does a lack of planning make your heart pound? Learn to notice these things and develop a plan to combat them.

If it is a specific time of day when your anxiety rises, try taking time to breathe or maybe schedule a block to meditate during this time. If it’s a lack of planning, start your day by creating a to-do list to keep yourself on track. Give yourself some grace though.

Give Yourself a Break

Even if it’s only for a few minutes, take some time to decompress. The weight of momming is so heavy, don’t feel bad for taking a few minutes to yourself. Meditate, pray, breathe, or whatever you like. Do what makes you feel good. Breaks are one of the best ways to cope with mom stress.

Sometimes it can be hard to get the time we need for ourselves, but it’s so important. Sometimes you have to ask for what you need. Ask someone to step in and help so that you can have a break. The martyr syndrome is real, but we don’t need to give in to it.

Get Active

You don’t need to go full-on cross-fit or anything. Just move your body. Dance around your living room or find some activities to get the family involved. Getting active does help your overall mood and wellbeing.

There are so many benefits to daily exercise, but good workouts don’t have to be work. Go for a hike or a walk. Dance it out. Turn on some jams while you clean your house. Get active, but most importantly, enjoy it!

Get Some Support

I can’t stress this enough…talk about your feelings. Use groups on social media to get support from other mamas that are in similar situations. Talk to your mom friends. Talk to your spouse or partner. See a counselor. It doesn’t matter where it comes from; just make sure you have all the support that you need.

You can join the Mom Stuff Postpartum Support Group. It’s a great group of ladies that talk about all things postpartum. There are tons of other groups on social media that offer great support as well. Many communities offer support groups for new moms. You can ever reach out to Postpartum Support International. They have a ton of resources and support for new mamas.

Laugh Loud & Laugh Often

A laugh is worth 1000 words (or more). For real. Find something that makes you ugly laugh until you cry, and do it every chance you get! Life’s too short, mama. Enjoy it!

Mom friends really are the best friends. Sometimes a night out with some amazing mamas can be the very best therapy in the world. Have a date night with your partner and make it fun! Do whatever you can as often as you can to light yourself up!

The moral of the story here: take care of yourself. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. You are just as important as anyone else. We need to start treating ourselves like it. We are amazing, incredible creatures. Seriously, we birthed new life, and we can do anything! Hopefully, these tips will help you cope with mom stress.


  1. You’re dead on with the laughing! I sometimes forget to do that while trying to deal with the stress 2020 has brought. I find the days I live in the moment with my family and taking in the memories being made, the less I feel stressed and on edge. This is a great reminder of what we need to focus on!

    • I love that! Thank you for sharing. Being in the moment with family is a great way to combat stress! Take care!

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