A Mom in a Man’s World

Over-worked & over-stressed mom in a man’s world.

If you’ve read Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp, you know I discuss the challenges that arise with being a working mom. It’s not easy. Moms are over-stressed and over-worked in a man’s world.

Let me start by saying that I love my job. I care deeply for my customers and the patients that they serve. I truly have a passion for what I do 8-5 M-F. However, I have created this other job that sets my heart on fire. In my free time, I work to help new mothers struggling with maternal mental illness. This is my true calling.

It is amazing to have both a day job and a side business that fills my heart, but reality sets in now and then. It’s a lot. My brain is on constant overload, but I do my best to be there for everyone. I am truly sorry if I’ve ever let you down.

We need equality. Like, real equality.

Being a woman in a man’s world is tough, but being a mom in a man’s world is freaking brutal. We still live in a society where, in general, moms are the primary caregiver. We are overworked and overtaxed to the max, y’all.

If you are a working mom, you have to add the primary caregiver role to your already heavy workload. Your sick days and PTO are for your child. This doesn’t leave a lot of room to take days for yourself or even vacation at times. Especially if your child goes to daycare, because they will be sick…ALOT!

If you stay at home, you work harder than any of us. You are EVERYTHING. You don’t ever get a day off, and I honestly applaud you for sacrificing yourself for your babies. I think it’s incredible.

As a society, we wonder why mental illness is on the rise in mothers. Look at the facts. We are over-stressed, over-worked, over-tired, under-paid, and usually under-appreciated. Sometimes, we have to take a step back. We literally cannot balance it all.

Insert the concept of work/life sway.

If we try to balance our work, family, and personal lives across the board, we will fail in every single category. Balance is not possible. It doesn’t exist in motherhood. We need to be able to sway in the direction that demands us. When we have sick babies, we sway towards the family. Big projects come up at work, and we sway there. When it is overwhelming, we need to sway a little towards self-care.

Mama, it’s tough out there. We’re all struggling, but we have to do the best that we can. Unfortunately, it’s still a man’s world, but we’re making progress. Companies are starting to give benefits like paternity leave for men, and men are starting to become more active in raising kids. The system is broken, but it’s getting better. Holler if you are an over-worked & over-stressed mom in a man’s world!

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