Frida Mom Commercial: Stop Censoring Motherhood

It’s ridiculous.

Y’all, I am so worked up about this Frida Mom commercial that has been going viral because it was rejected to air. I’m sure you’ve seen it, but make sure you take a look at the full ad. I feel like this has sparked a movement in a lot of moms, and I personally love it. Motherhood is raw and uncomfortable at times. Why are we censoring it? it needs to stop.

First of all, I completely understand networks have certain guidelines and restrictions for airing lewd content. However, I’ve watched this ad many times, and there is absolutely nothing graphic about it, in my opinion. I’ve seen way more offensive advertising in other commercials.

Are the mesh underwear just too much for the masses to handle? Is everyone scared of seeing a real pad in action on tv? Does the thought of barely being able to cope after delivery terrify us as viewers?

I just don’t get it.

This is 100% natural. You have just pushed a baby out of your vagina, or, in my case, had a baby cut out of your gut. In this ad, they beautifully depict the not-so-perfect part of motherhood. The baby is crying in the background, and you are desperately struggling to pee or poop. It’s a miserable experience, and Frida Mom offers a real solution.

Here’s my real question…is our society so terrified of shattering the beautiful birth myth? Because let me tell ya, it is definitely a myth. There is limited beauty in reality. You have a beautiful baby, and that’s great. Still, we, as moms, can’t be expected to immediately bounce back. After giving birth, we should not be required to be happy, perky, fit, or anything else. Our only expectation should be recovery!

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I applaud Frida Mom for taking this action to better prepare mamas for what they’re in for after giving birth. There is nothing shameful about the process, and I’m kind of appalled that this ad wasn’t on the air. I’m a big fan of Frida products in general. The Windi saved our lives when our daughter was gassy!

With all that being said, we live in a society where networks have the full ability to control the content that they air. That is fine with me, but they will also have to deal with the backlash this has caused. Not a great PR move.

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Mommy’s Got a Tramp Stamp: Denied.

Since I’m all worked up about the Frida Mom ad, I’m also going to share my personal experience. If you’ve read my blog or checked me out on social media, you’ve probably seen my book cover. I don’t think my cover is offensive at all. This could be because I designed it, but I think it’s pretty great.

Every time I try to run an ad on social media with my book cover, it gets rejected. The reason being it is “graphic” and because it “contains nudity.” It’s a cartoon butt crack people. Seriously.

Anyway, I hope moms out there will start standing up and speaking out about their own personal experience. Whether it’s your postpartum body or postpartum emotions, we need to start sharing our stories. We need to prepare future mamas for what to expect, both physically and mentally. I don’t know about you, but I had no idea until I experienced it all first-hand.