How Pomifera Transformed My Skin

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In an attempt to distract myself from all the craziness right now, I’ve decided to write this post about an amazing product that has been a game-changer. It’s Pomifera. Haven’t heard about it yet? Well, I’m going to explain all about this incredible stuff, and how Pomifera transformed my skin.

I’ve always battled acne. Like, from the moment I hit puberty. Another skincare line always worked for me, and it was the only thing that kept my skin under control. But, it also bleached my towels and clothes. Something that actually bleaches fabric can’t be great for your skin, right?

Anyway, then I had my daughter. Insert postpartum acne. I was suddenly playing a completely different ball game. The products that I had always depended on still worked, but I could not control the random stress-related outbreaks. And, when I break out, it’s not pretty. I’m also horrible at makeup, so attempting to cover it up was a futile effort.

One day, I was having a conversation with a girlfriend, who I’ve always admired for her incredible skin. She told me about this stuff called Pomifera that was derived from hedge balls in Iowa. Wtf? Come on, now. Needless to say, my curiosity was peaked, and I had to learn more. Turns out, it’s pretty amazing stuff, and Pomifera has transformed my skin.

Behind the Brand

The star ingredient Pomifera Oil, discovered by our Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, has been creating a stir since he began sharing it with the world. A Ph.D. Chemist and self-proclaimed ‘Mad Scientist’, Todd Johnson turned what was once simply folklore surrounding a curious green “trash fruit” and unveiled its incredible scientific truths. With pages of scientific data, as well as clinical research study results, Todd Johnson has most definitely turned this trash into treasure by extracting the precious gold oil it had hidden inside of it.

Not only are Pomifera products formulated in the USA, but they are manufactured here as well. When you purchase from Pomifera, you are helping us support and grow local areas of rural Iowa.

This star ingredient is not backed by claims. It is clinically proven with a cult following and has been shown to be effective in everything from anti-aging to cell regeneration and scar reduction. The list of benefits is consistently growing as the loyal following reports back with their experiences and uses.

My Pomifera Journey

After researching these products, I decided to take the plunge and try them out, and I became a brand partner. At first, I was skeptical, to say the least, but the oily/acne skin cleanser and the serum have transformed my skin. I no longer feel like I have to cover my face with a pound of makeup before I leave the house. Ok…I never really used that much makeup, but I always felt like I needed it.

When I use the cleanser, it’s almost hard to describe how good my skin feels. It amazes me every time. My skin feels so clean and fresh. It sounds totally clique and salesy, but I’m not kidding. My skin has never felt this clean before!

The Pomifera serum is for real like liquid gold. It didn’t take much, and my overdried and once lifeless skin was totally transformed. It feels healthy, for the first time in a very long time. I still have some random popup stress pimples and a few remaining acne scars, but nothing compared to what it had been in the past months since my daughter was born.

Seriously, guys, I don’t believe in promoting stuff that doesn’t work. In fact, I don’t. Pomifera has transformed my skin, and I wanted to share that journey.

If you’re still reading this, thanks for listening. I hope you were able to learn something about a trashy little fruit in Iowa that is making it big time. If you would like to learn more about the complete Pomifera line, visit my site.

These are some incredible results from a beautiful lady struggling with rosacea.

Disclaimer: I am a brand partner with Pomifera, and I receive commissions from all sales. This hasn’t changed my outcome, but I feel it deserves mention.

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