Mama, Give up the BS already!

Mama guilt is real, y’all, and it stems from all the bullshit. Seriously, life hands you a ton of shit, especially when you’re a mom. We deal with shit from every single angle, and it always ends up smeared all over the wall. There is so much crap out there that can impact how we perceive ourselves as mothers.

There is no single definition of a “good mom,” and it sucks to feel inadequate 24/7. I feel like a piece of shit if I drop my daughter off at daycare early or pick her up late. I feel like shit when she eats chips instead of veggies. I feel guilty if I think she’s had too much sugar. I feel guilty if I don’t let her have the chocolate. I feel like a total shitbag if I don’t realize she poops and immediately change her diaper. The list goes on and on and on! It never freaking ends!

Our society seems to perpetuate this feeling of inadequacy for moms. We live in a constant state of comparison. We are continuously comparing everything from our baby’s development to other mom’s outfits or hairstyles. 

A lot of this stems from social media. All we see is the perfect family picture. We don’t see the kids running wild and the mama about to tear her freaking hair out. Social media lets us portray our lives as we want other people to see them, and that sets an unachievable standard for others to achieve. 

Mama, take social media with all the grains of salt.

I guarantee our mothers and grandmothers weren’t sitting around trying to put together the perfect Pinterest project for their kid’s holiday parties. They just bought some candy or baked a cake and sent their kids to school.

No individually wrapped, perfectly proportioned, or decorated snacks. They let their kids run around the neighborhood, and they would sit down and have a cocktail with the other neighborhood moms. As long as the kids were home by dark, they didn’t give a shit! Can we please go back to that? Seriously? Let’s give up all the bullshit!

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