The Importance of Mindfulness

Why is mindfulness important?

I’m excited to announce the publication of the Mom Stuff Postpartum Survival Journal. This journal specifically has new mamas in mind. The importance of mindfulness is crucial during the postpartum period, especially in these unique circumstances.

After we have a baby, it is easy to totally neglect ourselves, because, well, we have a tiny human that is completely dependent on us for survival. Here’s the thing though. We can’t totally neglect ourselves. Our babies need the happiest and healthiest version of us, so taking care of yourself is actually part of taking care of your baby!

With all that’s happening in the world, it’s easy to get caught up in the things we can’t control. Instead, we need to constantly remind ourselves to control what is controllable and not let negative thoughts take hold. Because, mama, those negative thoughts will creep in when we least expect them.

What led me to create a journal for new moms.

When I experienced postpartum anxiety, I was obsessed with my daughter’s death. I was 100% sure that she was going to die because of some error I made. I didn’t sleep, eat, or drink. Looking back, I honestly believe that if I would have taken a few minutes every day to ground myself, my condition might not have spiraled out of control so quickly. That is why I am so passionate about self-care during the postpartum period.

I created the Mom Stuff Postpartum Survival Journal out of necessity. I feel that if I would have used something like this during those first few months, I might have been more aware of my deteriorating mental health. Awareness is paramount in receiving a mental health diagnosis. It is easy to ignore what is happening, but it is not in your best interest.

What is the Mom Stuff Postpartum Survival Journal all about?

This isn’t your ordinary journal. It contains the standard places to list your goals and to-do’s, but it has so much more. There are sections to write down moments you are grateful for, something that inspired you, your mom wins, and your mom fails. Every day features a different quote offering encouragement and validation that this time is freaking tough.

Take a 5 min assessment to determine your mental wellness.

After each week, I include my own words of encouragement. I want each and every mama that uses this journal to feel like they have someone cheering them on because they do. Hint: it’s me!

I want every mama that uses this journal to know that you are worthy of being more than just “mom.” Don’t get lost in the mess of motherhood, and, trust me, it will get messy.

If you are expecting a new baby, add this to your registry!!! This is a must-have for all the new mamas out there. If you are looking for a gift for a new mom or know someone that is having a hard time with early motherhood, buy this journal for them.

New mamas, I am thinking of you.

With the current pandemic, I could not imagine having a newborn during this time. If you have recently given birth, be mindful of your mental health. The importance of mindfulness is crucial right now! Reach out to someone if you feel that you need help or just need to talk. My door is always open.

Most importantly, take the time to take care of yourself. I know that time is rare commodity when you have a new baby, but you are worth the investment!

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